Classes and training

Concealed carry course (1 Day)
This is basic handgun 1 Day course. Which includes marksmanship, holster selection, a law enforcement perspective and legal considerations. Student will also have live fire exercises with a certified instructor.

Price: 12,900 Baht

Intermediate pistol course (Competition IDPA, IPSC)
This is a 2 days course which includes skills that are useful for both concealed carry and competition. Skill taught include proper drawing and presentation of the firearm from a holster, target acquisition, multiple targets, concealed carry considerations and use of cover.

Pre-requisite: basic pistol/concealed carry course.

Price: 29,800 Baht
Price: 42,700 Baht (3 Days)
Price: 65,200 Baht (3 Days)


What’s Included?

  • 10 Rounds with SW 686 4” .38 Handgun
  • 10 Rounds with Glock 9mm Handgun
  • 10 Rounds with SW 1522 .22 Rifle

Training & Classes

DurationPublic List Price
Concealed carry course (basic hand gun)1 Day12,990
Intermediate pistol course (competition IDPA,IPSC) 200 Rounds2Days29,800
Intermediate pistol course (competition IDPA,IPSC) 300 Rounds3 Days42,700
Intermediate pistol course (competition IDPA,IPSC) 1,000 Rounds3 Days65,200
*Included gun, target, eye&car protection
*Included Bullets

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