About Light Bullet

Light Bullet is the largest purpose built, fully air-conditioned indoor shooting facility in Asia.

We concentrate on safety above anything else, not just for the obvious reasons but we believe that if safety is paramount then the more enjoyment all our customers get from their visit.

Our Aim

our aim is to give state-of-the-art shooting facilities to both our members and guests. We understand that patrons like to feel comfortable while they enjoy their favourite pastime. This is why our whole facility is air conditioned, plus we offer areas to relax such as our fantastic restaurant and massage salons.

The Guns

Light Bullet are fully aware that for our customers to have a good day’s shooting then they will need proper equipment.

This is why all our guns are brand new and regularly maintained so they are in tip-top working condition.

We offer a selection of handguns, rifles and shotguns including: Smith & Wesson 686 and 1522, Glock 9mm, Colt Gold Cup 45, or CZ 455.

With bullets ranging from: .22LR, .38ACP, .9MM, .45 ACP and 12 gauge.

For pricing and availability of all the above, contact us today.

Customer Friendly

Light Bullet’s aspiration is to be as customer friendly as possible, this starts from when you first make your booking with our friendly staff and continues during your whole shooting experience with us. We treat our patrons as special friends, who we wish to visit time and again. Shooting with Light Bullet is a safe, friendly and highly enjoyable experience, so do not hesitate and contact us today to book your reservation. We cater for any size of group including coach parties.


Above all, Light Bullet consider the safety of our customers our number one priority. At all times we have professional coaches to explain how to handle the guns safely and how to adhere to our regulations. This is for the benefit of other customers as well as your group, to ensure everybody has a great time at Light Bullet.

Shooting Bays

Light Bullet is a brand new, purpose built indoor facility devoted to guns and shooting. The facility includes three huge Shooting Bays, each with 13 individual stalls with personal retractable targets.

Airsoft Game Arena

If you want real group fun using a BB Gun, then Light Bullet offers a massive fully air conditioned arena, so you can partake of one the most thrilling gun activities in Thailand. Adhere to the safety rules and your corporate party or group will have a great day’s fun. Light Bullet supply all the protective equipment you need, so just bring your team and join in.


Light Bullet offer some superb packages that offer great reasonable pricing to give our customers the best possible value. Contact us today to see what offers we currently offer on our packages. To experience the best shooting facility in Thailand all you will need is proper identification and be over twelve years of age. We advise all customers to book prior to arrival to avoid disappointment. Especially for large groups. There is also ample parking for 40 coaches or a hundred cars so bringing your own transport is no problem.

Family Play Zone

As long as your kids are over twelve years of age then come along with your family and take full advantage of the Light Bullet Family Play Zone. We love to see families having fun, and with the strict safety regulations we operate, then you can be sure that the whole family can have a good, safe, fun day out.

Light Bullet Restaurant

Spend the whole day with your party, target shoot in the morning then dine at our superb eighty seater air conditioned restaurant, then return to a game of paintball or the finale of your competition.

Light Bullet Massage

Light Bullet are fully aware that a full day’s shooting can be tiring. So we have superb massage salons in our modern facility. Take a break from all the action and relax under the soothing hands of our qualified masseuse, all salons have air conditioning and are ideal to put your feet up and get a little pampering.


Light Bullet are delighted to offer yearly memberships, shooting courses and certification are also available. Our top shooting coaches will take you through the course and prepare you for certification and license.